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Obituary for Tom "Tommy" Hutchings

Tom (Tommy at home) always lived his life on his own terms and he chose the end of his life in the same way. He put an amazing amount of living into those 14,047 days, as it is not the day of your birth or the day of your death that really matters, but what really counts is what you did with your days in between.

Tommy was born an old soul as was evident by hobbies and interests as a child and young person, and the many conversations he had with those having made decades more trips around the sun than he. Tommy was a determined, brilliant, kind, straight forward, loving, hard working and strong-willed man who was loved beyond measure by his beautiful daughter, wife and family.

A Master Mariner before the age of thirty, he travelled widely as a ship’s officer and then captain. A career and travels that provided him the opportunity to meet and work with many people around world. Tommy could tell endless stories of trips made and ports visited, but he found nowhere as stunning or captivating as he found the Arctic, or as much as he loved home.

When not at-sea, he followed his talent and passion for carpentry, first building planters, furniture and decks, then a motorboat and finally his largest project, planning and building a home, in which he took immense pride. With the help of friends and family, in his last project of a garden and a root cellar he stayed steadfast to his idea of self sustainability and homesteading. He is leaving us now, as he did with each and every hitch to sea, in true Tommy fashion with the freezer, cellar and preserves shelves full.

Anyone who was lucky enough to get to know Tommy, would soon realize that he was a thinker-a ponderer and a meticulous planner. He never shirked from any new, different or challenging task or project – he simply did his research until he could see it from every angle and he enjoyed sharing that new found knowledge with anyone who was curious.

Losing his mobility, the freedom to do the things he loved, and the ability to be true to who he was however was a devastation he could not think his way out of. True to Tommy’s wishes, cremation has taken place and there will not be a formal memorial service.

Tommy was the very best husband and best friend, dad, son, grandson, brother, son-in-law, nephew, brother-in-law, uncle and friend anyone could ever wish to have. He loved with his whole heart those he held dear – that kind of certainty comes but once in a lifetime. Those who had the privilege to be part of his inner circle knew a loyal, caring and truly remarkable soul.

His spirit is now free to soar among the stars. He will be missed as much as he is loved.

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“A Source of Peace in the Midst of the Storm”